Working with Scholarships Studio is quite unique and different. Scholarships Studio’s perspective is to expand responsibly planning for the future while living in the present.

Scholarships Studio provides its hired supporters the right resources needed towards a personal and skillful achievement.

Our main approach is based on student recruitment. While we get paid commissions after registering students to our selected universities, we chose to share these commissions based on our student recruitment program.

Individual benefits

Individuals have their own needs to reach their goals. Today it is always critical to find a job and finding one is not that easy. Education though never stops spreading as it is part of the life cycle of humanity. Whether you are a student or not, Scholarships Studio offers the possibility of recruiting students to its selected universities.

Company benefits

Our main aim is to maintain a professional reputation for both Scholarships Studio and the companies working with us. Having an excellent quality of services will rank both sides towards a successful business.


Commissions and Payments

Recruiting students to our selected universities will help guide them to a well reputable education. As for our recruiters, they can benefit from commissions made to them as they recruit students to Scholarships Studio.
Scholarships Studio offers a systematized payment of commissions that is based on its recruiter’s number of students recruited and officially registered. The more a recruiter registers students, the higher commissions are made.


Getting started with student recruitment is based upon an agreement or agreements that will be made between Scholarships Studio and the interested party.


Recruiting students is not that easy. Students need support and accurate details in order to know what is waiting for them. Recruiters working in the student recruitment program are responsible in providing every aspect concerning students’ university programs, tuition, accommodation prices, as well as the living expenses of the area they will be living in.

After accepting the agreement with Scholarships Studio, the recruiters will be provided with online supporting resources that will be used for accurate information. Scholarships Studio support team, in this process, will also be available to answer any questions through direct contact or  by email.

Start recruiting

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