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In the first two years, the University of Kyrenia will share the campus facilities of its sister university, NEU.

Near East Dormitories

Dear Students,
Welcome to Near East University Dormitories. You have the opportunity to spend the best years of your education life at NEU dormitories which provide; the warmth of a home, the peace you have always dreamed of, a feeling of safety, friendship and an environment of care and consideration. After experiencing the life in the dormitories of NEU it will be easier to adapt to university life as you will feel yourself as if you are at your own home.


The Dormitories

There are 6 dormitory buildings for female students and 6 dormitory buildings for male students, making a total of 12-block dormitory complex on NEU campus. The dormitory rooms are designed to accommodate single, double, three or four persons. The types of dormitories are classified as Economic, Standard and Luxury to meet the individual and private needs of the students. A dormitory can accommodate between 300-350 students, and in total, the dormitory complex has a capacity to accommodate up to 4500 students.

Students are provided with every opportunity to have the comfort of a home. All dormitory rooms are furnished and equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a study desk, a bookshelf, a mini fridge, a telephone, a TV, and internet connection. In addition to twenty-four- hour security, cleaning, canteen, lighting, study halls, heating and psychological support and guidance are all included within the dormitory services. Hiring the dormitory rooms can be for a semester or for a full academic year and applications can be processed at our overseas representative offices or at the Registration Office of NEU Directorate of General Services and Dormitories which is located in the Ataturk Culture and Congress Centre. The accommodation fees can vary between 890 – 5825 Euros. A deposit of 200 Euros is to be paid for initial registration to dormitories.

In the case where a student leaves the dormitory and there is no damage detected, the deposit is added to his/her tuition fee. There is a laundry within the Guest House and students have the opportunity to use the washing machines there. Washing machines are operated by tokens which are sold at reasonable prices.

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