The University of Kyrenia, also known as Girne Üniversitesi, was established in 2013 in the northern part of Cyprus, Girne. Even though the university base establishment took place in 2013, it was still running with its sister university, Near East University, which served students to continue their education until the original campus took place.

Today, the University of Kyrenia is going through non-stop expansions to reach the ability of offering education to 4000 students. The university started building its reputation with the maritime and aviation faculties that have taken a great role in North Cyprus education for local and International students.

The University of Kyrenia specializes in these faculties, gathering a unique approach for maritime and aviation in North Cyprus.


English is the language of instruction in the University of Kyrenia, though the Turkish language is also available for Turkish students that seek to study using their mother language.

Even though not all departments in the University of Kyrenia offer scholarships, UoK 50% scholarships are still held for international students from around the world in most of its departments. Having its prices lowered to offer the education availability in these specialties, has allowed the University of Kyrenia to gain a good number of students seeking to study maritime and aviation in North Cyprus.

Maritime programs in North Cyprus: M/Y Teal Ship

One of the first universities to offer Maritime education in North Cyprus was the University of Kyrenia. Students seeking to study marine studies, engineering, management, and sciences for low tuition education, have first approached the University of Kyrenia.

The M/Y Teal Research and Training Ship, which was first built in Liverpool, United Kingdom, has provided services for researchers from the University of Kyrenia and to other universities with its technology.

The University of Kyrenia keeps advancing it maritime capabilities serving its students in a better environment.

Aviation programs in North Cyprus: Cessna 172S Aircraft

The University of Kyrenia was one of the first universities to offer aviation programs in North Cyprus. Today, the university has introduced one of the best aviation training planes to its members and students, the Cessna 172S, which originates from the United States. One of the most successful airplanes in history, the Cessna has long served as an initial flight screening aircraft in pilot training.

University of Kyrenia world ranking on “4 International Colleges and Universities“.

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