For new students:

For the programs whose medium of instruction is English all written work is assessed at standard international levels of academic English. Hence, all applicants for whom English is a second language is required to present a recent TOEFL or IELTS score or to pass a proficiency examination organized by GAU. English Language Tests and their minimum scores accepted by GAU (valid for undergraduate programs) are listed below. The tests should be taken within last two years.

English Language Test Minimum Score
TOEFL Paper-based 500-550 (depending on program)
TOEFL Computer-based 173-213 (depending on program)
TOEFL Internet-based 60-61 and 79-80 (depending on program)
IELTS 5.0-6.0 (depending on program)
GAU Proficiency Test NA (Pass or Fail)

Admission to the GAU Foundation English School

The majority of newly admitted students who have just completed secondary school studies spend their first Academic Year at GAU in the Foundation English School. The main objective of this program is the development of proficiency in the use of English so that the student will be adequately prepared to undertake university-level studies conducted in the medium of English. A further objective is to help the student adjust to the GAU environment and develop the self-discipline and habits of study that will be essential for success in the university’s programs of study.

Admission Directly to Freshman Level

Any student admitted to GAU who can demonstrate proficiency in English deemed adequate for university-level studies may be permitted to register directly for freshman classes without enrolling in the GAU Foundation English School.

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