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To study in North Cyprus became easy when applying through Scholarships Studio. It provides international students details about scholarships in North Cyprus, the environment students will live in, the living expenses as well as a photo gallery of North Cyprus for students to have a clear background before arriving.

To keep students up-to-date, Scholarships Studio, as an educational consulting agency always upgrades its content to offer low tuition universities in North Cyprus that, in return, are highly ranked universities around the world.

There are many universities in North Cyprus, and choosing the right university is based on the student’s lifestyle, program selected, as well as the tuition fees. Each university in North Cyprus has a unique approach in improving its student life and education. Some might be specialized in certain departments not available in other universities. Others might be well-known for being the cheapest university in North Cyprus.

The universities enlisted here are accredited universities in North Cyprus and there are some universities that offer student exchange programs for students to continue their education abroad in order to graduate from countries such as the United Kingdom.

Today, North Cyprus is welcoming large numbers of applications for international students to North Cyprus universities. Students flocking to study in North Cyprus for education have several reasons to become part of its population:

  1. One main reason to study in North Cyprus is for its universities that are low in tuition fees. Scholarships in North Cyprus played an important role in attracting students to the country. Low education prices where already offered to students. But, even more scholarship discounts in education where offered in North Cyprus, recruiting more students.
  2. Each university has a unique approach in improving its education. In general, North Cyprus universities offer affordable tuition that a student is capable of handling. The quality of education to study in North Cyprus is also important and each university in North Cyprus has at least one specialty that could be concerning its campus and student life, programs, and even technology. A university holding a large campus does not always have to be the best in all programs. Other universities in North Cyprus might compete each other even in little principles that they could be better in. All-in-all, Scholarships Studio only offers universities that are reputable in North Cyprus and respect student life and education at the same time.
  3. Not only is North Cyprus famous for its university low tuition fees and scholarships, but it is also known for its highly ranked universities in North Cyprus.
  4. Package offers to study in North Cyprus universities made it easier for international students to calculate their expenses when they have already paid for education, accommodation, and dining at the same time.For more information about the package offers provided by each of our universities, check our North Cyprus universities list.
  5. Another important reason would be the language that unites all international university students, English. Without the English language taught programs in North Cyprus, student numbers would have been less than the numbers of students available to study in North Cyprus today.
  6. Some students like traveling and studying abroad. To study in North Cyprus has been made easier by the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). Many student nationalities do not require a visa to North Cyprus education. Other students may require a visa to enter North Cyprus. But obtaining a visa to study in North Cyprus is obtained much faster than other visas as soon as students provide their acceptance letters sent by Scholarships Studio through the universities offered.
  7. Finally and one of the main reasons for why there are international students that study in North Cyprus would be based on the geographical location of North Cyprus itself. It is known that Cyprus is an island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from all its sectors. Most importantly, North Cyprus centers many countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe.

The universities in North Cyprus that offer scholarships to international students are not 100% free (but there can be exceptions).

Most universities offer 50% scholarships to international students which are basically considered as promotional discounts to study in North Cyprus.

There are more than 8 universities in North Cyprus. Scholarships Studio has chosen the top universities that are fully packed with services that offer a good quality of education as well as a pleasing student environment in the main cities of North Cyprus.

Near East University


Girne American University


Cyprus International University


Eastern Mediterranean University


University of Kyrenia


Trouble making a university choice? Contact us here for help!

Living expenses in North Cyprus are considered to be cheaper in comparison with the living expenses of the European countries. Most importantly, a variety of choices is offered based on the lifestyle of a student for a balanced cost of living to study in North Cyprus.

Dormitory fees in North Cyprus

Living at the university dormitories starts at a range of $2,000 per year (fall – spring semesters). The less the number of roommates living together in a room, the higher the price of living in the dorms gets. Dorm prices to study in North Cyprus also range based on their quality.

For university accommodation prices, visit the list of universities to study in North Cyprus (links below).

Renting apartments in North Cyprus

Living off-campus varies in price. The average rent per month for a 2-3 bedroom apartment would be $500. This amount would be divided by the number of people living in the apartment. If 3 students lived in one apartment, the price would be around $170 per month per person. Students planning to live in North Cyprus must know that the payments are usually made cash for at least every 6 months (or every year).

This means that for a $500/ month apartment, an amount of $500×6(months) + 1 or 2 months deposit (returnable) will be made for a 6 months rental agreement.

Utility bills in North Cyprus
Electricity and water bills

Electricity and water bills depend on the students’ lifestyle as well. Normal bills usually range between $20 to $35 per month per person. Cyprus seasons play an important role for these costs. Parts of the year might require air-conditioning, while others might require heating during the cold winter.

Internet bills

When living in the university dorms, internet is free. Living off-campus would be different. Everybody needs internet, and without it (as a student), you are definitely missing something out. Installing internet is very easy. As soon as a payment has been made to one of the internet companies in North Cyprus, it could take 2 days for completing the installment.

The cost of internet depends on the speed and amount of time of subscription. Usually, the prices are between $20 to $30 per month for a 1 to 4 Mbit internet speed. The more months of subscription, the cheaper it gets.

laptop - internet
Mobile bills

Mobile bills in North Cyprus are considered cheap in comparison with other countries. Students can benefit from the monthly plans offered by telecommunications companies. The plans they offer are more efficient to use than using standard credit in prepaid cards. The average cost for a 1 month plan is around $13 for 1 Gb of internet, 100 minutes of international calls, 1000 SMS, and unlimited calls for users having the same plan.


Food in North Cyprus
Cost of food in North Cyprus:

The monthly budget for food in North Cyprus depends on the student’s lifestyle. Some students prefer to cook at home, while others would rather order food or eat in restaurants. Usually, an average student spends between $200 to $300 per month and this rate maybe controlled as long as students want to live economically and cook their own food. There are many restaurants in North Cyprus and each has its own branding and quality.

Transportation costs in North Cyprus
University buses

Transportation in the city where students are studying is free when it comes to using the university bus transportation services. These buses have a scheduled service that is usually active around the day, seven days a week.

Local transportation buses

If you would not like to wait much for your university bus to arrive, you can wait for the local transportation buses that are available in most areas of each city in North Cyprus. A one-way ticket will cost around $1 to the desired location (Within the city).

Transportation by Taxi

Taxis have different prices based on city location. Some start at a price of $3.5, while in other areas the pricing may start at $7.5 for close ranged distances. Traveling to and from “Ercan Airport” ranges at a cost between $25 to $35 from Nicosia.

How to apply to North Cyprus
Choosing the right university in North Cyprus

The most important part for shifting to the perfect future, is choosing the right university in North Cyprus. Making a choice would require a narrow research to know what each university can offer. Each university in North Cyprus has its own unique programs. Some programs can be found in one university, while others can be found in the other. Based on the program of choice, a university can be targeted. The educational system for North Cyprus universities is another sector to talk about. Whether you speak English very well or not can be the main reason of making the university choice. English proficiency exams in North Cyprus universities have different levels of difficulty and based on the student’s proficiency of the language, he/ she would make a university choice.

Application procedure to universities in North Cyprus

Applying to North Cyprus universities is easy. You can either apply through Scholarships Studio or through each universities application. The difference between applying through Scholarships Studio and directly through a university is the free-of-charge benefits Scholarships Studio will offer its students in fully preparing them for their arrival to North Cyprus.
Students having problems with the form can contact us directly or email us for their queries at any time.
For applying through Scholarships Studio’s application click here.

After getting accepted to study in North Cyprus universities

After receiving the conditional acceptance, students might need to proceed with the payments written on their conditional acceptance letter (this is if a Visa is required) in order to be issued the unconditional (official) acceptance letter. Each university in North Cyprus has its own certain amount of payment in order to issue the official acceptance letter. Whenever the minimum required payment is made, the official acceptance letter would be ready to be sent to the students. Once the official letter is sent by Scholarships Studio to its students, they can therefor start with their visa procedures at the Turkish Embassy located near them.

Before traveling to study in North Cyprus, students must make sure if they are required to work on their visa or not. This depends on the passport nationality and reason of traveling to North Cyprus. In order to apply for a visa to North Cyprus, students must approach the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries. After receiving their university conditional acceptance letter, students must proceed with their payments written on the acceptance in order for Scholarships Studio to be able to issue them the official letter from the university. The official acceptance letter and bank receipts must be shown to the Turkish Embassy with a valid passport in order to get the student visa processed.

Students are advised to have a passport valid for at least 6 months as from the date of arrival to North Cyprus.

Detailed information about student visa rules and regulations to study in North Cyprus can be found here.

Arriving to North Cyprus is easier than you think. This page provides a detailed explanation for students in making their plans before and after their arrival to North Cyprus.

Scholarships Studio wants its students to have a clear image of the environment of North Cyprus and be prepared, keeping things easier on the behalf of its students.

Ercan International Airport – North Cyprus

Not to forget, the universities in North Cyprus offer new student arrivers free airport pickups as well as a free 3 night accommodation in the university dorms. Most important to know is that it must be well coordinated between students and Scholarships Studio to ensure a student arrival schedule through flight tickets upon visa regulations (if required to students), in order to get an airport pickup.

Flights to North Cyprus usually come from turkey where all the rest of the flights are led from countries around the world. The main thing students must not mix is between the north sector and south sector of Cyprus. Both parts have different airports. Students travelling to North Cyprus are obliged to travel to Ercan International Airport (ECN) which regularly operates through airlines such as Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Jet, Turkish Airlines, and several others.

Universities in North Cyprus offer free airport pickups for their newly registered students.

After arriving to Ercan International Airport (ECN), students may be asked to reveal their acceptance letters and documents by the airport officers in the airport. It is important for students to keep their acceptance letters ready-printed to ensure the students’ simple arrival.

Airport Departures

After having the luggage collected, students would be exiting the airport gate, either finding the chauffeur waiting for them on the exit with a symbol representing the university, or find an open desk space for the registered university which students must approach.

Up to this point, the students will be transported to their university for their free 3 night accommodation at the university dormitories.

North Cyprus universities offer new students as much comfort as possible when arriving to North Cyprus. After getting their free airport pickup, students will be sent to their selected universities for 1 to 3 free nights of accommodation in the university dormitories. This allows students to have the time to discover the campus of the university as well as the city they are located in, allowing them the opportunity to make a choice between living on-campus or off-campus after their visit. University bus transportation is available, and this will aid students to discover the city stop-by-stop.

Where is North Cyprus located

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