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The Question Is: Is Near East University Accredited Worldwide? 

Is Near East University accredited worldwide? The answer to it is a simple yes, but that also depends on your country to offer a recognition for it or not. Many countries consider Near East University international recognition as globally approved, while some others may not include it on the list just like any other university that can be set off a list. Besides, there is a massive number of universities worldwide and it isn’t easy to enlist a whole group of universities for recognition.

But here’s the hint: To get deeper into “Is Near East University accredited worldwide or not“, we have to acknowledge whether students graduating from NEU are actually left alone with no career, or are there many out there working there way out to a better future. That does actually rely on the country’s rules itself, but it also appears that many students after following up with them, have been able to take their careers to the next level in many parts of the world including Arab and Gulf Countries, Africa, as well as Europe and Canada.

The Second question to that would be: Are students able to take their masters or PhDs in other universities abroad like Canada, the United States, and Europe. To be direct, it’s a yes, thanks to the Near East University accreditation.

The main goal of Scholarships Studio is to provide students with the best honest suggestions for their future and that would be asking where you would be living and working after graduation. Upon answering, the best decision to take is to find is Near East University accredited in the country you are willing to be in, and that would be through the country’s ministry of education which plays a big role in recognition. We are not assuming that it is not recognized but setting ourselves on the path to safety can solve a lot of doubts that even very famous universities in the world could be facing in some 3rd world countries.

In conclusion, Near East University is considered to be one of the major improving universities in North Cyprus and in researching, it builds its name through worldwide events with its team that would love to prove how is Near East University accredited worldwide.

Why is Near East University accredited would be, indeed, an interesting question to ask. And the answer is offered by the list of the Near East University international recognition it has gained over the past years.

Near East University International Recognition and Accreditation

The list below presents the accreditations for the Near East University international recognition that it has earned from accreditation agencies, federations, and associations from several parts of the world many of which are currently active in the field of accreditation and recognition. The Near East University international recognition list displays some of the most admitted associations and federations in the world:

Near East University Memberships

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