Graduate in 4 years instead of 5 at North Cyprus universities:

How would you feel if you knew you could graduate in 4 years instead of 5 from your university?

Scholarships Studio tries to find the most effective education based on quality and time. If you are offered this all, then why not graduate in less time? Students would not believe these programs are 4 year programs, but they simply are.

In North Cyprus, the 4 year programs system covers engineering departments as well as architectural departments (excluding other programs that were already 4 year programs like business administration). In details, all the engineering departments including automotive engineering, marine engineering, and aeronautical engineering are bachelor programs that can be completed in 4 years and even less time.

Eastern Mediterranean University

Cyprus International University, Near East University, Eastern Mediterranean University, University of Kyrenia, and Girne American University all offer 4 year programs for engineering and architecture.

Completing programs in less time does not mean students will graduate with less knowledge. The 4 year programs help aid students to graduate in a short period of time, allowing them to advance their knowledge in masters and PhDs, unless they are willing to start their career life.

After all, Scholarships Studio will only offer its students opportunities to pay less and graduate in shorter periods of time as they get enrolled to bachelor programs.

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