Cyprus International University Bachelor Programs

Cyprus International University bachelor programs take 4 years to complete. Unlike 4 year programs at CIU bachelor programs, pharmacy ranges between 5 to 6 years in order to complete. Up to 75% scholarships for international students at Cyprus International University are being offered on undergraduate bachelor programs with Scholarships Studio. Click here for a detailed explanation of Cyprus International University Tuition Fees.

The Cyprus International University undergraduate courses are divided into more than 10 faculties including Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Arts and Sciences, Communication, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Law, and Pharmacy.

Each of these faculties of the Cyprus International University undergraduate courses consists of a list of departments and courses, giving a variation of choices for its students to make. As an example would be at the faculty of engineering which includes (Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering and Petrol, Oil and Gas Engineering).

The table below shows the list of the Cyprus International University bachelor programs offered for each of the faculties it offers for international students interested in studying one of its quality, scholarship courses.

CIU Cyprus International University Bachelor Programs (Undergraduate)

Cyprus International University Undergraduate Degree Programs
Faculty | Dept Number of Years
Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture
Architecture 4 Years
Graphic design 4 Years
Industrial product design 4 Years
Interior design 4 Years
Landscape architecture N/A
Plastic arts N/A
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
English language and literature 4 Years
Mathematics N/A
Molecular biology and genetics N/A
Psycology 4 Years
Translation and interpretation N/A
Turkish language and literature (TR) 4 Years
History N/A
Geography N/A
Faculty of Communication
Journalism 4 Years
Public relations and advertising 4 Years
Film-making and broadcasting N/A
Radio and television 4 Years
Visual communication and design 4 Years
Cartoons and animation N/A
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry N/A
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Accounting and finance 4 Years
Banking and accounting N/A
Banking and finance N/A
Business administration 4 Years
Computer information systems N/A
Digital media and marketing 4 Years
Economics N/A
European union relations 4 Years
Human resources management N/A
International relations 4 Years
International business N/A
Knowledge management N/A
Marketing N/A
Political science N/A
Public administration N/A
Tourism and hotel management 4 Years
School of Applied Sciences Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Management Information Systems 4 Years
Information Technology 4 Years
Faculty of Education
Adult education teaching (TR) 4 Years
Arts and crafts teaching (TR) 4 Years
Classroom teaching (TR) 4 Years
Computer education and educational technology 4 Years
English language teaching 4 Years
Geography teaching N/A
History teaching N/A
Mathematics teaching for elementary schools N/A
Mathematics teaching N/A
Music teaching N/A
Philosophy teaching N/A
Pre-School teaching (TR) 4 Years
Psychological councelling and guidance (TR) 4 Years
Religious history and ethics education teaching N/A
Science teaching N/A
Social sciences teaching N/A
Mentally handicapped teaching (TR) 4 Years
Technology design teaching N/A
Turkish language teaching (TR) 4 Years
Faculty of Engineering
Automotive engineering N/A
Bio-engineering 4 Years
Biomedical engineering N/A
Civil engineering 4 Years
Computer engineering 4 Years
Electrical and electronic engineering 4 Years
Energy systems engineering 4 Years
Environmental engineering 4 Years
Food engineering N/A
Industrial engineering 4 Years
Information systems engineering 4 Years
Mechanical engineering 4 Years
Petroleum and gas engineering 4 Years
Software engineering N/A
Material sciences and nanotechnology engineering N/A
Mechatronics engineering 4 Years
Faculty of Health Sciences
Audiology N/A
Child development N/A
Emergency and disaster management N/A
Gerontology N/A
Health facilities management N/A
Midwifery N/A
Medical imaging techniques 4 Years
Molecular biology and genetics 4 Years
Nutrition and dietetics (TR) 4 Years
Nursing 4 Years
Occupational therapy N/A
Occupational health and safety N/A
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation 4 Years
Social work 4 Years
Speech and language therapy N/A
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
Bio-systems engineering 4 Years
Plant production and technology 4 Years
Faculty of Law
Law (TR) 4 Years
International law 4 Years
Faculty of Medicine
Medicine (English) N/A
Faculty of Pharamacy
Pharmacy 5 Years
Pharmacy PharmD. 6 Years
Faculty of Performing Arts
Acting N/A
Drama writing N/A
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Physical education and sports teaching N/A
Recreation N/A
Sports management N/A
Sports trainer education N/A
Faculty of Theology
Theology N/A
Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
Tourism and hotel management 4 Years
Gastronomy and culinary arts 4 Years
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary medicine N/A

Note that (TR) represents courses that are taught in the Turkish Language.

For more information about CIU bachelor programs contact Scholarships Studio at the links below.

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