Study 3 years in North Cyprus and 1 year in the UK

North Cyprus has offered a new age of education that helps deliver everyone’s needs for a better future. Today, students are able to complete their senior year in the United Kingdom at one of two respected universities. The students will be able to obtain two separate degrees, one from North Cyprus and the other would be from either institution in […]

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Low tuition maritime universities

Low cost maritime education in North Cyprus highly ranked universities: Have you ever dreamt of studying in cheap maritime engineering schools? North Cyprus today offers students the opportunity to accomplish their dreams for the lowest prices in quality education universities at the maritime academy. Because North Cyprus offers its island to the Mediterranean Sea, maritime studies have been available a […]

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Complete 5 year programs in 4 years

Graduate in 4 years instead of 5 at North Cyprus universities: How would you feel if you knew you could graduate in 4 years instead of 5 from your university? Scholarships Studio tries to find the most effective education based on quality and time. If you are offered this all, then why not graduate in less time? Students would not […]

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