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Your guide to success starts here! We only offer highly ranked universities that offer up to 50% scholarships for the lowest tuition fees that compete well-respected universities worldwide.

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Why Scholarships Studio?

Free Admission

Yes! Scholarships Studio offers you free admission to universities that provide discounted prices while being highly ranked worldwide.

Free Airport Pickup

After preparing your admission and providing you with your acceptance letter, Scholarships Studio will be able to coordinate and prepare you for a free airport pickup, based upon your arrival date and time. This pickup will be responsible in sending you directly to your university of choice.

1 to 3 Days Of Free Accommodation

After preparing your admission and providing you with your acceptance letter, Scholarships Studio will be able to prepare you for 1 to 3 nights of free accommodation at your university of choice. This gives students the ability and time to choose between living on-campus or off-campus.

Student Follow-up & Support

Our students are our highest priority, and building a well developed circle-of-trust is our first goal to help our students attain a relaxed environment.

With Scholarships Studio, students will be fairly guided to making the right choices in selecting their universities based on their education level, availability of programs, and maximum available budget. Students will have a clear picture of the environment awaiting them before their travel.

24/7 Live Chat Support

We are available 7 days a week. With our live chat support, we are able to provide you with direct primary details concerning your queries for support.

Direct Student Contact

Students can be directly contacted upon request for support. Some students might need to be led to take the right decisions. With an appointment for direct contact, students can have a better understanding to what is waiting for them.

We Are Not Just Any Agency!

Scholarships Studio is always expanding and improving. With its newly designed blog, students will be able to get the latest news in their location.


How can Scholarships Studio support me?

Scholarships Studio will be responsible in providing your acceptance letter after guiding you to make the right choices, preparing you for the airport pickup and temporary accommodation, and linking you with real estate companies to help you find an off-campus accommodation (if requested).

Does Scholarships Studio take processing fees?

We do not taking any processing fees from our students. Scholarships Studio gains its revenues from the universities and not from its students.

What programs does Scholarships Studio offer?

Scholarships Studio offers:

  • English preparatory school programs
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Masters programs
  • Doctoral programs
  • Online programs (Distant learning)

Is the teaching language in English?

Most programs in our selected universities teach in English. If programs were not in English, the courses will be labelled with a sign that explains the language of the given course.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Every international student is eligible to earn up to 50% scholarships. We do not offer full scholarships at the moment. Students in contact with Scholarships Studio will be informed when having the full scholarship offering abilities.

Are there any other offers I can benefit from?

Yes! Each university has package deals that include Education, accommodation, and meal plans for one special price. If you are looking for a fixed tuition that you can pay every year, package offers are the right choice.

Visit our university pages for more details.

How can I apply?

Applying is easy! If you do not need any support, all you have to do is fill in the application form, attach your required documents, and submit.

If you have any confusion with filling the form, contact us directly for support.

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